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Little About Little England...
There are so many natural beauties that all are bless of subtropical climate that Nuwara Eliya has. Lush tea plantations and lovely flower gardens, colonial style buildings creates a little English town in hill country of Sri Lanka.
Horton Plains
A miraculous place that travellers love to visit. Batch of sambar deers and thick grass of meadows are most common sceneries in this area. The mist and salbrious climate really improve the beauti of the plains. Crystal clear spring water that Horton Plains is own feds major rivers of Sri Lanka. There are large number of endemic flora and fauna are available here. Horned lizard, Walikukula(Jungle fowl), Leopard is most famous faunas that can be found in this area.
This lovely place just look like a countryside of britain that has marvelous meadows with cows. And the wind mills in this meadows improves the beauty. You will love to travel here in beautiful sunny days. Actually this meadows owns to Amebewela farms and Newzealand Farms two dairy products companies. You can visit their two factories and even you can buy their products. It's just 18 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya city center.
Lake Gregory
Lake has constructed at the british colonial times for water sports and leisure purpose. It's an amazing site in sunny days just like painting by a cleaver artist. The municipal council of Nuwara Eliya has built a lovely green garden to improve its beauty. You can have a boat ride on the lake or have a bicycle ride on the bank of the lake. It's just few hundred meters from grosvenor to this lovely Lake.
Hakgala Botanical Gardens
Originally established for experimentation and propagation of Cinchona cultivation at british colonial times. It's ten minutes drive from Grosvenor to this lovely gardens. The main entrance is on Badulla - Nuwara Eliya A5 road that can access easily. It's about 28 hectares spread and surrounded by lush tea plantations. Lovely roses,orchids and beautiful landscapes are really attractive. Don't forgot to visit Hakgala on your next vacation to Nuwara Eliya.
Queen Victoria Park
This great natural refresh center is in Nuwara Eliya City Center. Park originally established for research field of Hakgala botanical gardens and later it was converted into a park. All of the travellers are attract into it because of its lovely landscapes. And it's also a paradise for birds like Indian Blue Robin, Pled Thrush or Scaly Thrush lurking, Kashmir Flycatcher. This wonderful park is also just five hundred meters away from Grosvenor.
Ramboda Falls
This is very close to Ramboda tunnel that can be achieve easily when you are way to Nuwara Eliya. The way is on lush tea plantations that adds more beauty this lovely water fall. It's falls down as two separated parts with scattering water droplets just like a mist. Natural pools and streams that this beauty is created will refresh your tiredness of your journey. So don't forgot the beautiful Ramboda falls on your way to Little England.
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